PHP Training Institute Near T.Dasarahalli|Jalahlli cross Bangalore

PHP Training Institute Near T.Dasarahalli|Jalahlli cross Bangalore 

PHP is one of the most well-known open source server-side scripting language used for producing websites. It became very well-known because it was one of the first server-side scripting ‘languages’ which was embedded in HTML. PHP is being used in 20 million websites and over 1 million web servers. Well-known applications like Joomla , WordPress, and Drupal all use PHP.

Mysql is a database server. It is perfect for both little and huge applications. Mysql helps standard SQL. It is likewise an allowed to download and utilization. A free Software open source extend that obliges a full offered database administration framework frequently utilizes Mysql.

Training Contents of PHP 5.3

  • Overview of PHP
  • Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs
  • PHP Operators
  • Conditional Constructs
  • Arrays in PHP
  • PHP Functions
  • Classes and Objects (PHP 5.3)
  • File Handling
  • Working with Databases and Forms
  • Using Cookies with PHP
  • Miscellaneous PHP tasks

Training Contents of MYSQL

  • Introduction to MySQL
    • Create and Manage Database and tables
    • Data Types
    • Functions and Operators
    • SQL statement Syntax
    • Data Definition Statements
    • Data Manipulation Statements & Control Statements
    • Stored Procedures & Functions
    • Triggers
    • Views
    • Introduction to AJAX
    • Introduction to the Apache Web Server.

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