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What is PHP?

PHP stands for: Hypertext Pre-processor. It is a scripting language like ASP, and was originally designed for web development. The scripts written in PHP are executed on web server and not on the browser of local machine which allows it to produce dynamic web pages. It is a cross- platform language, so its’ scripts can run on various operating systems and web servers. It supports various databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, and Generic ODBC. PHP is open source software and free to download and use.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a very fast, reliable and flexible database server which is ideal for both small and large enterprise level applications. MySQL supports standard SQL and compiles on a number of platforms. MySQL is free to download and use.


PHP combined with MySQL is a cross-platform (can be developed in Windows and served on UNIX platform)

What You Should Already Know To Learn This Software

Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following:
• JavaScript

Training Contents of PHP 5.3

  • Overview of PHP
  • Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs
  • PHP Operators
  • Conditional Constructs
  • Arrays in PHP
  • PHP Functions
  • Classes and Objects (PHP 5.3)
  • File Handling
  • Working with Databases and Forms
  • Using Cookies with PHP
  • Miscellaneous PHP tasks

Training Contents of MYSQL

  • Introduction to MySQL
    • Create and Manage Database and tables
    • Data Types
    • Functions and Operators
    • SQL statement Syntax
    • Data Definition Statements
    • Data Manipulation Statements & Control Statements
    • Stored Procedures & Functions
    • Triggers
    • Views
    • Introduction to AJAX
    • Introduction to the Apache Web Server.

  Future of PHP MySQL

PHP is an open source web development language and its dynamic properties make it an agreeable choice for not only enterprise level organizations but also for small and medium businesses. Most of the pages on the internet are written in PHP. If you are able to work on MySQL, you can easily work on any other database language. PHP/MySQL is widely used by corporate giants like Google and Yahoo etc. Indian companies like Wipro, Satyam and HCL have also started the use of PHP-My SQL. Government organizations also understand the advantages of working on the open source technologies. Many well-known institutes including but not limited to IIM, IITs are using open source technologies.

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