Best Linux & Unix Training Institute

Linux is an open source operating system under GNU license. it was originally developed for intel for their personal computers.The ultimate operating system assembled under the free and open source software development distribution.

Systems Domain offers thorough Linux and UNIX Training,you will gain skills to manage data, execute commands and customize your LINUX and UNIX programming environment. In this training student will get clear technical idea about Unix. We are Providing Indepth training in Unix Environment. It is very useful for Oracle Developers, C, C++ Java Programmers, SAS developers and every software engineer.

Why Linux?

Linux is the secure and fastest operating system to the date. It lets you allow to share your files in the most secure and efficient way.

Suitable for:

System Administrators, Programmers, Operators and System managers who require a good working knowledge of Linux operating system.

Training Objective:

To provide the basics as well as advance skills to work efficiently with all versions of Linux available in the market. Our dedicated trainer will help you to achieve certifications in the particular course.

Unix Training Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to give you competency as a beginning user of Unix. You will leave from this course with the ability to use Unix to perform routine file management, electronic mail, file editing, command piping and filtering, file permissions, and customizations. You will also know how to access Unix reference information and help material online so that you can gain more Unix knowledge when you require it. Receive in-depth coverage of Unix.


Unix Training Course Overview

Introduction to UNIX/LINU
Different flavors of UNIX/LINUX
Difference between UNIX, DOS, Windows and LINUX
Architecture of UNIX





Systems Domain
#12, 3rd Floor, Shabari Complex,
Above Reliance Fresh, Near Ayyappa Temple,
Jalahalli Cross, Bangalore -560057.
Landline: 28372214/15
Mobile:  9980228883 
Email :



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